Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Where were we in December 2011 ...

@ Birkbeck: a small number of very early adopters from Politics, Biology and Humanities have been using Moodle since October. Around half of Birkbeck's departments will be running January-start modules on Moodle, and in December there have been several training workshops (with more to follow in January) for the staff who are migrating early.
@ IOE: we still don't run trainings, but hold consultancy sessions
at the moment to find out VLE requirements from the horses' mouths.
@ LSHTM: IT Services is supporting a Live MOODLE service for the School’s Distance Learning Modules for the current academic year. This service aims to provide a core set of tools and will, predominately, use the Discussion Forum tool throughout the 2011/12 academic year, as well as a small number of CPD Courses.  Both IT Services and the DL Department continue to work closely to consider the extension of the MOODLE service for Distance Learning from October 2012 onwards.
The LSHTM MOODLE service for the Taught Course programme continues to be developed: Themes and System Administration settings, including Roles, are now complete, and during January 2012 IT Services will be consulting with the School with a view to finalising the core LSHTM MOODLE Module template.  This will allow IT Services an early opportunity to produce Staff Development resources (according the Staff Development Plan published during Autumn 2011), as well as make the platform ready for early adopters from within the Taught Course Programme.

@ RVC: we have commenced our training of staff on the early adopter courses which are to take place in February. Staff have shown a postive attitude towards the features that RVC Learn has to offer and are now beginning to work their way through rebuilding their courses ready for course commencement.

@ SOAS: we are looking forward to the start of our early adopters on January 6th and we are working on the development of creative training materials that will be used in our training sessions.

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