Friday, 20 January 2012

Migrating Turnitin from Blackboard to Moodle

One important activity that we need to plan into our migration project is dealing with the Turnitin building block in Blackboard. At some point this academic year, we will have to switch off the building block so no more submissions are made. Once the building block is switched off, staff will not be able to mark any assignments which have been submitted via Blackboard. We then want to be able to access an archive of past submissions and associated user data (i.e. when assignments were submitted).

This week, I have been working closely with Turnitin Support at iParadigmsUK to agree a schedule for this process, which is looking like this:

1. Users create their last Turnitin assignments in Blackboard.
2. Any new assignments going forward could be created in a Moodle course - linked in the Bb course.
3. Assignments are marked in GradeMark via Blackboard, last grades are released.
4. Blackboard Turnitin building block is turned off.
5. Integration classes created through Blackboard are transferred to pre-made web user accounts.

A challenge with this activity is that we have to coordinate with five separate institutions who have different requirements. But that's why I love my job! :)

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