Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Series 3 of College updates LSHTM

  • Training @ LSHTM starts in June;
         - a basic intro to Moodle video has been produced and a series of further videos are being prepared. The videos will provide the initial taster to Moodle and will be followed by an introductory course with hands-on practice to enable courses to be created.
  • All the technical integration work has been done; the courses will be created internally through the LDAP integration and 13 new roles will be added.
  • Enrolments will be added in an automated fashion as and when they come in via the LDAP integration
  • Migration for DL is scheduled for 17-19th September.
  • Bb migration will be limited to some Bb Organisations.  This is because we do not copy over Bb Courses each year.
  • Testing will be a separate function from migration.  IT Services, DL & TSO will all have test courses, each containing their own roles.  This will allow each Department to fully test Roles and courses over the summer, prior to going live.
  • Only some minor tweaks are expected to be required.

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