Thursday, 31 May 2012

Authenticating Moodle

Establishing an institution's LDAP integration with Moodle is one of the most fundamental technical steps that needs to taken at the initial set-up stage. All the Colleges were able to arrange this quite quickly, with the exception of the IOE, which has a much more complicated LDAP arrangement. IOE staff and student user accounts reside on separate LDAP servers with different configurations, which was a big problem since Moodle only accepts multiple LDAP servers with the same configuration.. Luckily, we discovered a work-around, which seems to be successful in our testing (I hate to tempt fate!). ULCC developed a new plugin for our version of Moodle (2.1.3) following Moodle's discussion: and installed plugin on the server as a separate authentication plugin - LDAP2 - supporting different servers and contexts than the original LDAP plugin., which enables multiple LDAP configurations to be used.

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